Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Kadang 2 tgk manusia gembira Dan tenang hidup mereka kita jd cemburu.
Bila org hebat agamanya, sdg ibadat kita bak hidup segan mati x mahu ,  rasa sesak Dada kita.
Ruginya kita maksiat ibarat hobi kita.sedang tentera lain sibuk memeranginya.
Malu nya kita yg kita xberlumba mengejar redha Nya sedan org lain memanfaat kan peluang hidup sekali yg Dia beri pada kita

Tuhan, dimana pengakhiran saya?

Mungkin di syurga atau di neraka.

Ibadat yg cetek kapan rasanya tak mampu utk ke syurga.

Tapi ya Rabb, neraka Mu terlalu hebat. Aku xsanggup mendekatinya INI kan pula tinggal do sana .

Pimpin lah daku....
Jgn tinggal kan ku....

Walau aku malu
Dek dirantai dosa dosa yang sentiasa mengekoriku

Monday, April 1, 2013

What had happen .


Lately, a lot of things happen to me and around me. Alhamdulillah, early March, I went back from Swiss and passed all the courses with good marks. Spending time in office for a month until now is not that bad. I am a site engineer so basically I don't have much work to do at office. I met a lot of seniors who are very supportive and love to share their knowledge and experience. So its not that awkward. So far, my bosses are treating us quite well. We don't really feel the gap between us and them. I have to wait until this 13/4 to go for my first job at site. The good thing is, we as service engineers, we just need to show our faces in office for about 2-3 hours and then we can went back home. Some of my friends come to office around 11 am and go for lunch from 12-1 pm. And leaving office around 3 pm. Oh man, feel like heaven. But i still come early and leaving quite late provided that I don't have anything to do at home, well, no family here except my father who also went back home quite late, and no wife. Haha.

Speaking about wife, my facebook lately flooded with walimah invitation, pictures of engagement and wedding ceremonies and whatsoever. I went to futsal game with my friends, and they are all already engaged !!!!!!! and those who already become husbands are not showing the faces. Its like a pressure you know. Haha. Well I understand, its Sunday, and they worked all days during weekdays so Sunday is just the time to be spent with their beloved wives. Its a time now when you slowly lose your friends (I mean lose your time with your friends).

By the way, it's a circle of life. And I am 25 years old already. last two weeks was my birthday. And my age now is quarter of century. lol.

At the end, I really hope I can get the serenity and tranquility fi Qalbi , for the sake of dunya wal akhirah . We want akhirah, but we cannot neglect dunya . But I feel I don't do a lot to seek the success in akhirah . I hope Allah will provide me with His blessing so that I can enter Jannah without going to Nar. Amin.

Ya Rabbi, I am but nothing, without Your Love wal Makfirah . Uridu an udhil bainal mukhlisin . Its really hard become sincere. Please guide me Ya Rabb .

WAllahua'lam .